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Offer more alternatives to your customers.

We will give you who have portals or sites within indicative media the possibilities to offer your visitors more then information about companies. With our service each company can be linked to different types of internetads which contains current offers from the company. The ads could be updated as often they want with simple tools. The company doesn´t need to have their own website when all ads can be generated and shown from AD 365.

It´s possible to show the customers ad to the visitor without additional space. There is possibilities to change the icon that indicates there is an offer to read, or use the hand which is default.

In choosing 'popup-ad' space is saved at webpage and gives the possibilities to expose more customers at one page with only text or/and logotypes - but however give the possibilities to let the visitor to take advance of the customers offer only by pointing at the icon. In this way both space is saved and the visitors time at your own site increases.