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AD-365 - Benefits for the advertiser

With our unique tool the Internet can become profitmaking also for companies with limited budget and time to deal with advertising on the internet. Our tool makes it possible for you as an enterpriser to create and maintain your ads on the internet in an easy way.
It sounds easy and it´s easy!

With only a few simple clicks, you can add an already complete ad or create your own with our simple tools. As enterpriser you have the possibilities, day and night, every day through the year, to handle your own internetads and choose contents by your self. Forget expensive advertising offices. With our solution you don´t even need to have your own homepage to use your ads in an active way.

As a single user you obtain a link from our tool for use on all places your company is visible on the internet. If you belongs to the top-10 list at Google or if you have bougt a sponsered link at Google, you can use the oppurtunity to show your concrete offer to the visitor directly. Why not advertise about 'This weeks offer' or 'Offer for today'. This offer could be located at as many internetsites you wish and the ad could be changed as often you like and the changes appear everywhere at the same time.

The strength of our tool is the simplicity to create and distribute ads. The tool is called AD365 and it´s so easy to use that even an unexperienced webuser quickly can make their own ad with our templates or simple adjustments. You could also quickly whenewer you feel for it, change the ad or create a new one. Even ads created by an advertisingoffice or other talent persons could be used in our tool.