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Behind Goodad.se/AD 365 you will find Patrik Larson, contractor and seller with long experience in different types of selling. With frustration he has a long time seen how small and midsize companys not have been available to use the benefits of Internet in advertising, in many occasions due to technical obstacles.

– The idea was to produce an unique product, simple to handle, accessible 24 hours a day and gives the companys possibilities to spread their messages fast at the times when it suites them. With this conditions, it´s a matter of course to use Internet as platform. It gives the smallest company possibilities to succeed in an global market, Patrik Larsson vd at Goodad.se explains.

Goodad.se was established in 2007 by Patrik Larsson. The vision of making prospects for small and midsize companys in earnest to use Internet as a way to generate more business is the driving force.